Hello, I am Nowiz (aka Citrus Simon)


Welcome to my website, Here you can listen to some my original songs & music, read blogs, and watch films.

I play Acoustic Guitars, both Steel and Nylon Strings, Jews Harps, Hand Drums, Kartell Hand Chimes/Bells, Singing Bowls, Recorders, Harmonicas, Stomp-box, Foot Tambourine, Service Bells, Piano and Voice.

My artist name ‘Nowiz’ is pronounced ‘Now-is’ its a name that i aspire to become. I first discovered the name as a child, by turning my name ‘Simon’ upside-down and backwards…’simoN Nowis’  ! ! then later adding the z at the end!  Nowiz is about being able to stay in the present moment, and not dwelling in the past or future. Words cant really describe it, but, its a spiritual feeling of no mind, or losing oneself in mantras/meditation/nature/etc. So, even though i call myself Nowiz, i still am trying to become Nowiz. The name helps me to stay focused in the moment, (when i remember it ! ) 

I have had a few incarnations with names, calling myself ‘The Boy Who Stayed Over’, which some people thought was a sexual thing, but it really was about being a boy in an adults body. Then onto ‘Beautifully Broken’ in which i was trying to resolve duality, and ‘Simon Nowiz’ on youtube, and now ‘Nowiz’ on my website. I have never been happy with my name, nor the artistic names that i have given myself. This may sound like a contradiction, but i am still not 100% sure about the name ‘Nowiz’, so it may change again at some point, and i feel like i have some sort of identity crisis ? which has been an issue for me since a teenager, but maybe that is because i do feel connected to the spiritual realms ? and at times i feel that i am not my body, and that i am not my name, so this could be the reason for the identity crisis ? I have never released a album ? Hm ? I hope to resolve these issues at some point?

In 2021 i started to use the name ‘Citrus Simon’, this is to identify more with fruit, as i have been eating a lot of it over the last 6 years, and have been making videos about fruit on my youtube page. I also like the way both words sound when spoken.

I have suffered with mental health issues for most of my life, an only child, and spent a lot of time alone, and developed imaginary friends which later led to various personality disorders, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, psychosis, severe depression, suicidal thoughts and visions, in and out of mental hospitals since my mid 30’s, it has been quite challenging to say the least. But in the end, music has saved my life, and my perception of to keep on trying to become a musician, keep trying to develop it, and this process is still ongoing, and sometimes that feels quite mysterious, when i am open and in the moment.

I started eating just raw Fruits, Vegetables, and Salads on June 8th 2015, i am slowly starting to become aware that “Nature is the medication, and once healed, becomes the Meditation”

Artist, Film-maker, Spiritual Adventurer. Acrylic Paints and Pencil drawings. Digital camcorders and create films with imovie, i’ve used tape camcorders in the past, and made films with windows movie maker.

Spiritual leanings and journeys with Krishna Consciousness, The Magical Cabala, and Pagan Druidism.

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