I began my journey with music in 1984 when i was 20 years old, with an experience that i describe as the ‘crossroads’. I never knew what i wanted to do before then, and i had no qualifications from school, which i left at 16, totally feeling disillusioned. I just stood at a junction of roads, and i could not move, and for some reason i was thinking that i need to learn how to play the guitar, none of my family or friends could play any musical instrument, i did not have the slightest clue what i was doing ?

I went to a guitar shop, got a basic guitar, and a book called ‘The complete guitar player book 1 by Russ Shipton, and started to learn how to play the guitar, and later with books 2, 3, 4 learned different styles of playing.

I was quite persistent with that course, and learned all of it in  2 years.
After that, i could learn songs from sheet music, and by listening to songs on the radio.
During this time i went out busking (street music playing) for the first time, and i very much enjoyed the feedback from people, and i started to busk quite regular in outdoor markets and pedestrian shopping centres.
At 25 i started to study classical guitar, and found my first real guitar teacher, Richard Corr, who inspired me to develop further.
I started to write my own songs also, and tried these out on people when i was busking.
Ive busked all over the UK and parts of europe, shopping centres, walkways, underground, and various tunnels, parks, and played at many open mics, and free festivals.
At around 35 years old things started to deepen, and i found my voice, and my writing of songs become more complex, in a way i could only dream about 10 years before, and started to reveal myself more through the songs, a process that still continues, and i’m still feeling subtle improvements in my guitar playing, songwriting, and other areas which i’m improving, singing voice, piano playing, jews harps, recorders, hand drums, kartels, and singing bowls.
I have been in 2 ‘Duet bands… ‘Epigeniya’ with Keith Norris, and ‘Quiet Riot’ with Matt Bradbury.
I have been inspired by many musicians/composers/artists. My 1st guitar teacher Richard Corr, Nick Drake, John Renbourn, Pentangle, Melanie Safka, Tori Amos, REM, Muse, Radiohead, Bach, Debussy, Ravel, Beethoven, Mahler, Schubert, and many buskers and street artists that i have met on my travels.

1986 – I make a home demo tape with the cover songs that i learned from the complete guitar player course.
1993 – I make a 20 track classical guitar tape, (18 covers, 2 originals) in a studio in one day at Stratford!, then i went to a duplication company and got 500 copy’s made, i used to sell these on the street while busking.
1997 – Played my 1st Open Mic at Chats Palace.
1998 – Formed a band ‘Epijeniya’ with Keith Norris, We played at Chats Palace a few times. We used to jam at his flat, it lasted for about 2 years. I played Bass guitar for some of the songs.
2000 – I did a recording session, in a studio near Kentish Town on an ADAT tape of 4 original songs.
2002 – I make a CD of 10 original songs/music that i recorded at the Premises, Hackney. I played in the green field at Glastonbury. I also played a duet with Ron Tree at a church basement in Frome, Somerset. I travelled around in a small van and busked in several towns and villages in the UK till late 2003.
2003 – I make my first film of me playing music, which was at Stonehenge, on the winter solstice, on a tape camcorder.
2004 – Quite a few songs written.
2005/2006 – I recorded 22 original songs, and learned some engineering, in music production, and mixed my own recordings, then i put these onto blank CDs and made around 500 copy’s  with hand made artwork at Core Arts, a mental health day centre, i also played at open mics, gigs, and festivals held there.
2006 – I first put my songs on the internet, on myspace, and start to learn about the HTML code for computers, and start to shape how the myspace profile looked.
2007 – I make my first film for youtube. I form a duet band ‘Quiet Riot’ with Matt Bradbury. We played at a few open mic’s, that lasted for about 6 months.
I get a portable home studio set up, and learned how to to record and mix original
songs/music at home.
2008 – I Played at the Nick Drake Gathering.
2009 – AER battery mobile amp for busking/gigs.
2010 – I make busking films for youtube with original songs. I use a Stompbox. I start to use a wireless headworn mic.
2011 – I start to make videos for my songs, working with windows media player.
2012 – I get an Alesis Palm Track, and start to record with it. I busk with foot tamborine
2013 – I start to use imovie to make my videos. I start to use harmonicas.
2014 – I made videos with sync mixing, and start to make journal/blog videos.
2015 – Website is created.
2016 – Improving voice, and working further with performance.
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